Monday, March 7, 2011

Latest Project

One of the greatest and most stressful parts of building your own home is being able to choose all the colors.

With all the options there were times we wanted to start texting pictures to family members and asking for help, but in the end we are excited for what we chose. Hopefully, we will still be excited when we see the finished product.

Gotta Love Dig Day

Where is the basement? Oh yeah, we don't have one, we live in Boise.
I guess we will have to go up instead of down.
Best Landscaping a kid could ever ask for.

And a dog. Dig away now, because once the yard is in, NO MORE!!
First one in gets to choose their room first. Ready, Set, Go ! Just Kidding, Mom and Dad already chose.
Just looking down.
BRRRRR, it's cold, maybe we can warm up in the fireplace.

Hope they get a roof on before this place becomes a swimming pool, grab a mop.

One of our favorite additions. STORAGE !

There must be something good on the TV ?? What are they all looking at?

Just riding off on the sunset.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rewind to Another Adventure

This adventure happened a little while ago, but still worth noting.

This summer our family decided that we were not going to take a big vacation, but instead spend our summer exploring Idaho. With each place we have lived we have tried to learn about and experience the area. We have had many great opportunities to learn.

One thing about Idaho that we have a love / hate relationship with is the late summer nights. It does not get dark until 10:00 p.m. which is great fun when you are playing, but not so exciting when trying to get kids to sleep.

However, on this summer night we were truly enjoying our long summer night on the lake.
After work we headed to the lake to meet some friends who invited us to go boating with them. We were able to get in a lot of adventure before the sun decided to retire for the night.



Hanging on for Dear Life,

and for Scott and Cherie some knee boarding as well,
along with a great time visiting and laughing with friends.

Thanks for the adventure !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kickin and a Splashin

Happy Birthday Scott!!

For Scott's Birthday we had some fun adventures. We began the day by leaving the kids with Grandma while Scott and Cherie went golfing. Afterwards we returned home where Scott was able to take a nap to prepare for the adventure to come later that day. After taking Grandma to the airport (thanks for the visit, we loved having you!) we left the two youngest boys with a babysitter and headed to go white water rafting.

Scott was the first to 'ride the bull' . Sitting on the front as the boat heads into the rapids is a fun way to get the first glimpse of all that is coming.
Cherie and Maddison also experienced 'riding the bull'. However it was Maddie that took the biggest hit. As we came into one rapid, Maddison was hit with water that covered the boat. One picture directly following this one we could see only the bottom of Maddison's sandals, completely surrounded by water, we couldn't even see the boat, just sandals. Way to go Maddie.

What a fun adventure!! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us Scott. We love you and are so excited to have you in our lives! Love from your family!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eliza's Birthday and Baptism

Eliza stated that she received the two best birthday gifts this year for her birthday. The first was the gift of the Holy Ghost, and being baptized. The second was spending time with family.

Thank You everyone who made such an effort to spend this wonderful day with us.

We began by going to Camel's Back park where we were able to play and hike a bit. Afterwards we returned home for lunch and to prepare for Eliza's baptism. After the baptism we continued our celebration with a cook out involving lots of wonderful family. Next swimming (Thanks Jason and Bethany). And finally fireworks of all sorts. (We only watched the first few before we realized that we were traumatizing our little Jake, and decided to call it a night and return home for bed)

Eliza was so excited that not only was she able to have so much family here for her birthday, but she also was able to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on her birthday, by her Dad.

Congratulations Eliza!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the zoo with Eliza for her field trip, however, I could take the boys and meet her there. It took us a little while to find her, but while looking we found some other fun things to look at.

there was also a lot of laughter and fun. We found her shortly before the rain began to fall. It was still a fun day, shortly before school let out.

We started our summer vacation out a little early with a little hike up 'Lizard Butte'. I made this hike once as a little girl while visiting my Grandmother. The kids have been excited to hike it since moving to Boise.

Even Archie had fun exploring the views and the hikes.

From on top you cannot see the lizard you are standing on. But if you cross over the river into Marsing, then head back you can see the lizard on the mountain.

We also spent time at the Discovery Center. This was fun because we were able to spend it with friends who decided to visit us as a last minute decision.

We spend the warm (not too warm) times in the yard hanging out and enjoying the hammock (one of the words Jake can say :) )
Maddison receiving the Presidential Award during her 5th grade graduation. Way to go Maddie. Middle School here I come. Mom sais, "Ahhhhh, I can't believe she is growing up so fast."

A whole lot of fun at the park !!!

Look, Caden can do the monkey bars. Wahoo. This was an exciting day. Another fun accomplishment is Jake learning to pedal a bike, now we can't keep him off of one.

Last Day of School !!

Archie celebrated the last day of school with surgery on his tonge. This is not fun for anyone, but maybe when he is 5 and wants to lick an ice cream he will be able to.

A bath made him happy, and cleaned him up.

For Eliza's birthday we gave her a week of art lessons . The topic was "Black and White". This is one of the five projects they did. I was impressed with her work.
And for her birthday, on her birthday, Eliza gets to be baptized. She is so excited!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Whole Lot of Memories

A very Happy Birthday
Caden turns 5

Caden Helping make Christmas Toffee
"Nana's tradition carried on"

Christmas Eve
You can almost sense the anticipation

Archie enjoying his Christmas instantly

If this is what Christmas is all about Bring it On!!

My Four Handsome Boys
do they look alike at all?

Archie is Growing Well

Maddie sledding during our ONLY snow fall this winter

Even Jake got in on the Action

I am Growing Up

In Memory of Grandpa (Jay D. Wilson passed away January 17, 2010)
Taking his place, sitting on Grandpa's chair reading Grandpa's car magazine.

Signing Grandpa's Quilt to give Grandma memories.
We will love you forever Grandpa.

Signing Grandpa's casket for my final Goodbye, until we meet again.


Helping in the Kitchen
with my MACHO DAD!

More Help in the Kitchen so we can become

Everyone is helping, except Mom :)

Still Growing

In Home Massages for ultimate relaxation for Scott, Cherie, Maddison, and Eliza.

Sweet Dreams


Ski Jumping in the Olympics - Here I come

There's a Dress Code in the Majors?

Learning to Dress Myself - No Problem

And Growing - I am a cute son of a gun - I take after my Dad.


After - Haircut!
But don't miss the most recent lost tooth

Just getting a drink for the Home Teacher

A picture just for Papa

And another one - Archie 6 mo old.

If Ski Jumping Doesn't work out - there is always Baseball,
if I can handle the Dress Code.